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About Us


There is a little sweety girl inside every woman. The girl who played with Barbie dolls actually never grew up. That colorful world has always lived within us. That's exactly what Selly Sweet knew when it showed up. Apart from the fashion and colors that change every year, Selly Sweet wanted to do something different. 

Brand founder Selen Savcı, who went to her tailor and started to design beach clothes at the age of 13, is a girl in love with summer, sea, and sun... She decided to live in California after her university graduation in Turkey. Her life completely changed after her decision. During her stay in Los Angeles, she decided to bring her dream city experience and inspiration to life at Selly Sweet. Like Los Angeles, the city of angels, the Selly Sweet brand is colorful just like dreams, in a harmony that does not match with a sudden moment... This city, which sheds light on Selly Sweet's designs, offers a romantic atmosphere to the products. Innocent but at the same time attractive and sexy attitudes are hidden in every detail. Our brand, which meets you with its first collection in the summer season of 2021, is experiencing the excitement of making you love its style with great passion. It will always continue to work to be the sweet side of every woman.

 Selly Sweet designs, which always want to carry pink colors, sexy, and flirty cuts in its products, actually emerged at this point. It has started bringing its designs to you to reveal the barbie doll in every woman with its colorful products.


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